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If you’re new to podcasts, fear not. This is what you should do.

It’s easy to subscribe to the podcast and never miss an episode the minute it’s published. If you have iTunes (or iOS “Podcasts” on your iPhone or iPad), just go to the iTunes podcast store and search for “Stories of Saudade”, or even easier, click on this button below.


if you aren’t an Apple user, you will be able to find our podcast via other mobile (Android) podcast readers, no problem. Down below we give you the example of Podcast Republic (you can download it by clicking on the image) but there are many more apps available, choose the one you like the most. Then, just search for “Stories of Saudade”.

You can also subscribe to the site and you will receive updates of all our posts, and you can hear each episode right here on the site. Just put your name and email address in this little form below, and press the button.

Finally, you can also subscribe to updates on SoundCloud, where you can find all the episodes in English and Portuguese. “Follow” gives you access to both. Go have a look (and hear).